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With a wide range of products, including both Induct installed and Plug & Play, ActivePure provides the optimal indoor air and surface purification solution for every home.

Homebuyers Are Willing to Invest in Wellness

When it comes to what homebuyers are looking for in their homes, they are increasingly prioritizing their health and wellness. However, there is a significant gap between the number of people prioritizing wellness vs. the number that are actually satisfied that their current dwelling lives up to that standard. This makes wellness features the next major expansion opportunity for homebuilders across the U.S.

While new homes are more energy-efficient than ever, many of the practices that create that benefit can have negative impacts on indoor air quality. From more severe issues like trapping VOC gases (common in new builds) that irritate the eyes or noses of occupants, to more mundane but still frustrating issues like allergens being brought in through the door or open windows that are then trapped in the home, the airtight building style of the 21st century necessitates a new approach to indoor air purification.

As every homebuyer will tell you, their home is unique and needs a unique solution. ActivePure has engineered a wide range of products that can fit into any room or duct setup, ensuring that every homeowner in America can turn their home into a sanctuary for themselves and those they love.

Whether you’re a homebuilder looking to offer the power of ActivePure to your customers, or a new homebuyer who wants to fulfill your wellness needs, contact us below for more information on how ActivePure can protect your home.

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