We Help Protect
Indoor Spaces

Just like our technology, we are proactive problem-solvers and we believe our work is never done.

ActivePure Is Technology With Integrity and a History of Nearly 100 Years of Innovating to Meet the Needs of Today and Tomorrow

We Are Relentless in Our Pursuit of Excellence

Advancing the fight against pathogens in the air and on surfaces since 1924.

Using technology developed for use in space exploration, ActivePure has changed indoor air quality and surface standards.

We have pushed for policies that consider the wellbeing of families, students, customers, employees, and the environment first and foremost.

We understand the value of a deep breath

Our commitment to creating the purest indoor space possible is deeper than this moment in time—it is decades of laboratory testing, it is iteration upon iteration of our devices, and it is generations of a family invested in environments free from concerns of pathogens.

We Are Dedicated to Our Customers and Their Communities

Trusted by industry leaders, we have built partnerships that share our devotion to fighting pathogens and securing indoor air quality for all.

It is our privilege to offer our customers peace of mind

It's not everyday that your technology has the power to change the world and calm concerns. We understand that our everyday individual freedom is invaluable and that our customers deserve the opportunity to live fully with confidence.

We Believe That Our Experience Speaks for Itself, but if That's Not Enough, See What Your Peers and Publications Think of ActivePure

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